Rotting representational information

Bits are the basis of data objects, which form, described through representational information (i.e. recipes for interpretation, codecs), information objects. In this thread, we are looking into what happens, if the representational information gets distorted and stored data is interpreted differently than intended.


Buffer Manipulations in Supercollider.

Recording of the live performance “Buffer Manipulation” by LFSaw (Till Bovermann) at the opening of the Auditorium of Rotting Sounds. Includes bonus track.

Buffer Manipulations at Instruments Make Play

I represented RottingSounds at the festival/fair “instruments make play” that took place at WORM in Rotterdam, NL last weekend. I was welcomed with my “Buffer manipulation” setup in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere, in which many curious visitors stopped by to ask questions.

CD manipulation (01)

Study on CDs and players.