Midnight song

by Thomas Grill, 2019

Ink print on paper, acrylic glass

The work is a printed representation of the soundscape recorded at the auditorium at midnight of March 1st, 2019, the beginning of metereological spring. In the still of the night, a nightingale sings outside in the garden, its song leaking through the windows into the reverberant space of the auditorium.
The audio recording is in the form of a monophonic 1-bit encoding, a very high quality audio representation consisting of a stream of bits. The bit stream has been printed as a spiral of black and white segments, starting in the middle of the circle. It can be converted back to audio by a simple decoding process. However, imperfections in the print and through wear and dust on the acrylic glass will change the visual appearance over time, therefore also changing the audio content.