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Rotting Sounds takes part in the panel “On Sustaining Sounds and Images”

In the context of the annual conference of the International Council for Traditional Music on the Topic of “Sustainable Futures – Practicing Methodological, Scientific and Institutional Sustainability in Ethnomusicology” in Salzburg, Austria.

Presentation of the Digital Patina at lecture series Best Available Copy

6. May 2021:

In the context of the lecture series BEST AVAILABLE COPY – the preservation of time-based media art reflecting its technology at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Institute Conservation – Restoration Almut Schilling discussed the concept of the digital patina.

flyer for the virtual online talk on the topic of the Digital Patina

“gestern-heute-morgen in der Konservierung” – Verrottende Klänge bei der Tagung des Österreichischen Restauratorenverbandes

At the annual conference of the austrian restorers association the rotting sounds were represented by Almut Schilling, discussing the <patina> as fundamental part of all preservation processes and opens valuable points of views to think about digital aesthetics of temporal deterioration.

6.-7.03.2020 Salzburg

Symposium Virtual Art at the Museum

The Rotting Sounds Project was part of a presentation at the Danube University reflecting on the museums collecting digital art.