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APA science article on Rotting sounds project

Mario Wasserfaller of APA has interviewed Thomas Grill prior to the Symposium of Rotting Sounds about the background, methods and results of the project.

See (in German)

Photo: APA/Wasserfaller

Article in MDW magazine, October 2021

The web and print magazine of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) has published a new article on the current state of the Rotting sounds project.

Link to article

Article in Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard, February 20

Journalist Doris Griesser has authored a nice feature article on the opening of the upcoming “Auditorium of Rotting sounds” for the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

Spannend, was aus diesen wissenschaftlichen Expeditionen erwachsen kann. Vielleicht auch eine neue Ästhetik des Verfalls und des Unperfekten.