Mold museum of sounds

Our project is physically located at the main campus of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, in the only unrestored building which used to be an auditorium of the former School for Veterinary Medicine. It is the northern half-round element of building S on the campus.

We run our own project-related experiments with sound and media in this space, but we are also working on establishing a publicly accessible sound gallery, starting with spring 2019. We will invite other artistic positions which are related to our research agenda.
The name of our space refers to the legendary Mold museum (Schimmelmuseum) by artist Dieter Roth. Roth is well-known for his works with (bio-)degradable art and established his Schimmelmuseum in 1992 both as a workplace and a museum for the produced works.

Exploratorium at the MDW campus

Today, we have received the keys to the old abandoned anatomy auditorium located on the campus of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW). This is the last unrenovated part of the whole campus and it will function as a lab and exhibition space for experiments over the course of the whole project. Many thanks to the rector of the MDW for her friendly consent.